VitaBowl 'Balance' (Latin-Inspired)

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Bring some balance into your day with this flavorful Latin-inspired bowl designed by world renowned chef Dominique Crenn and Plant-Based Nutritionist Sarah Brandow, MSc. Featuring jackfruit, black beans, cabbage, chopped garlic, jalapenos, fresh cilantro and chipotle cashew crema.

Ingredients: Black beans (black beans, onion, olive oil, spices), Jackfruit (young jackfruit, shallots, orange juice, red wine vinegar, monk fruit sweetener, olive oil, nutritional yeast, spices), Chipotle cashew Crema (cashews, avocado, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, olive oil, dijon, chipotle, spices), cabbage, pickles (garlic, jalapeno, white wine vinegar, monk fruit sweetener), lime wedge, cilantro


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