IGNITE - 7 Days

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IGNITE your metabolism every week!

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I - Intermittent fasting is suggested while doing IGNITE. Proven to help target fat loss, reduce insulin resistance, lower risk of disease, rejuvenate cells and help you live longer. *Pregnant or nursing women, children or those with chronic disease should consult a physician before fasting.
G - Gut health. Restore digestive balance and you can eliminate symptoms associated with auto-immune disease, chronic illness and fatigue, skin disorders, insomnia and irritability.
N - No gluten, soy, preservatives or added sugar. You'll be eating only clean ingredients that combat inflammation in the body.
I - Improve mood, mental sharpness, sleep and skin. A true glow comes from inside, which begins with good nutrition.
T - Tell your story. Share your progress and how you feel with friends and followers. #ignite #igniteyourflame #igniteklean
E - Empowerment. Own up to your health and commitment to self-care.

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You'll receive 2 deliveries to total 7 day’s worth of food. Have allergies or exclusions? No problem, simply email us and we will replace the ingredient. Monday's delivery will include 3 days and Thursday's delivery will include 4 day's (note that Sunday's meals will be a repeat of Thursday's menu).

Enjoy each day:

3 - Organic Meals

1 - Celery Juice

1 - Antioxidant Chocolate Truffle

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Eat every 2-3 hours.

Begin an overnight, Intermittent Fast, after your last meal:

For Example:

When You Wake:

Drink the Celery Juice on an empty stomach.

Wait 20 minutes.

Then enjoy a coffee or tea with MCT oil, organic cream or ghee.

Sweeten only with Stevia or Monkfruit extract.


Break your fast with a Klean meal.


Enjoy a second Klean meal for lunch.


Savor the Antioxidant Truffle.


Eat the last Klean meal for dinner.

Do not eat again before bed.

Feel free to drink herbal tea or water.

For best results: Break the fast 16 hours from your last meal.

*Klean products are intended as nutritional supplementation only. We do not diagnose, or claim to prevent or treat or any medical conditions. Please see a physician before beginning any new dietary program related to a medical condition.

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