Heinzer Family

I created Klean for 2 simple reasons: I love food and I like to help people.  

As a daughter of a Mexican mother and Texan father,  culturally diverse food was at the core of our family interaction.   I beat obesity at an early age thanks to a family pediatrician so I understood that food was medicine but never lost my love to eat!  Years later, I am sitting at my desk in the Nike headquarters, feeling frustrated by the limited access to healthy meals.   Eager to help people with the same issue, I told my husband, Steve, “I just want to cook for people”.  As an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer, he had meal plans that were proven to work.  At the same time, I met, Jodi Rawlins, who became our first Executive Chef.  We started making Klean meals by focusing on whole, organic ingredients and removing the big inflammatory triggers such as gluten, soy and processed foods. Suddenly my dream of healthy, accessible, food that tastes good came to fruition.  For the first few months, we cooked from my apartment kitchen and delivered meals late at night.  Once we perfected our recipes and built our clientele, we moved to a commercial kitchen in Hollywood and the business grew!  Since 2012, we continue to make real food for real people who deserve the best out of what they eat.  Our sustainable sourcing and plant-based packaging means that we are moving toward building a healthier future for our children and the planet.

To provide food as fuel is a wonderful opportunity that I hope makes a positive impact on the world.  I’m grateful to be a Stanford alumnus, living in L.A. with my husband Steve and  two boys, Sebastian and Santiago.  

We love our Klean meals and we hope you’ll enjoy them too!