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Klean LA was founded in 2012 on the basis of two simple concepts: the love of food, and a desire to help people achieve their best health. We make it simple and stress-free to order high-quality meals with premium ingredients.


Our commitment to sourcing food with integrity means that you can enjoy organic and chemical-free ingredients, with 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free meat, in sustainable and biodegradable packaging. Our beef is always grass fed, and our poultry and eggs are always free range. Our meals are entirely free from preservatives and we support only certified humane and sustainable farming methods. Our plant-based offerings do not include any processed or imitation meat substitutes, only pure, whole-food ingredients. 


Founder Kiki Heinzer created Klean LA with the mission of providing meals focused on whole, organic ingredients while removing foods that trigger inflammation such as gluten, preservatives, and processed foods.


Klean LA joined the VitaBowl family in August 2021, with food and beverage industry expert Miko Lorenzo taking over as CEO.  Like VitaBowl’s offerings, all of Klean LA’s meals are very low sodium, low in oil, free from added sugars, and made with California-fresh produce and ingredients. It was a natural fit, and this harmonious new chapter will bring our customers more options for their active lifestyles.


VitaBowl and Klean LA will be offering the very first ‘Plant-Based Transition Program’™, designed to maximize nutrition and flavor by VitaBowl Co-founder and Chief Nutritionist, Sarah Brandow MSc, along with Klean’s professional chefs. This innovative approach is designed to help people transition to a plant-based or plant-forward lifestyle, by slowly reducing the consumption of animal products in their monthly plans at a pace that they feel comfortable with.

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