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VitaBowl and Klean LA and proud to combine forces to provide the world’s first ‘Plant-Based Transition Program’™. This scientifically-backed program is designed to maximize nutrition and flavor by VitaBowl Co-founder and Chief Nutritionist, Sarah Brandow MSc, along with Klean’s premier executive chefs. This innovative approach is designed to help people transition to a plant-based or plant-forward lifestyle, by slowly reducing the consumption of animal products in their monthly plans at a pace that they feel comfortable with.


“Transitioning to a more plant-forward lifestyle can be a challenging feat for some, and we are here to help. Our Plant-Based Transition Program, the first of its kind, is nutritionist-designed to help make the switch from a diet that is primarily animal products towards plant-based with ease”, said Klean LA CEO Miko Lorenzo. 


VitaBowl’s premium, nutritionist-approved, plant-based superfood bowls and beverages will be integrated with Klean LA’s organic, antibiotic- and hormone-free animal product meals. The meal plan will ensure that all nutritional needs are met, while making the change effortless and stress-free. 


Each VitaBowl meal l is crafted with the highest quality, locally sourced, plant-based ingredients. This plan is scientifically designed to provide the most nutritional benefit to your body. Our joined commitment to sustainable sourcing and plant-based packaging means that we are moving toward building a healthier future for our children and the planet.


We look forward to being a part of your journey towards achieving your best health, and enjoying it every step of the way!

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